Experience and Research

Trace elements, even if present in very small quantity in our organism, play a key role in all biological reactions. All the organs (as well as our skin) require a daily dose of these elements to work properly. For this reason, Gemology products and treatments contain high quality trace elements, selected carefully, not only for their beneficial actions on the skin, but also to guarantee an optimum purity and richness in trace elements.
The process includes several steps: first micronized, then solubilized, filtered and finally stabilized to enter in cosmetics at the top of their performance, under unique and exclusive textures able to transform during the application: gels that become emulsions, liquids that turn into mousse or gel.
High quality and unique formulations, scientifically tested, specific for each need (hydration, firmness, radiance, rejuvenation). The power of trace elements in synergy with vegetable extracts (flowers, plants, fruits), essential oils and biotechnological peptides for an immediate and visible effect on the skin.
Natural, paraben free without propylene glycol or alcohol, using only natural conservatives and essential oils.
Your skin is precious: pamper it with the care it deserves.